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Tube accessories and fittings - Furniture - Catalog - LimitsD

Tube accessories and fittings

  Prices are with VAT
Bottom mounting bracket for tube Ø50MM
Decorative element for tube Ø50MM
Double muff for glasses and panels MR-TH010
Double muff for glasses and panels MR-WP-14
Double muff for tube Ø25мм
End button for leg MR-WPF36-001
End button for tube Ø16мм
End button for tube Ø16мм retro
End button for tube Ø25мм
Fixing for tube Ø25мм MR-I1824
Fixing for tube Ø25мм MR-IN016
Fixing for tube Ø25мм MR-IN18
Furniture tube Ø16mm 3m
Furniture tube Ø25mm 3m
Furniture tube Ø50mm 3m
Holder for tube Ø16mm modern
Holder for tube Ø16mm retro
Holder for tube Ø16mm with fixer
Holder for tube Ø25mm U-type MR-TH088
Holder for tube Ø25mm with fixer
Hook for tube Ø16mm
Horizontal holder for tube Ø25mm MR-TH050
Leg for tube Ø25мм
Muff for glasses and panels MR-TH009
Muff for glasses and panels MR-WP-15
Munting ring for tube Ø50MM
Oval tube 3m
Oval tube end holder
Oval tube holder
Plastic end cup for tube Ø25мм
Top mounting for tube Ø50MM
Triple muff for tube Ø25мм
Tube Ø25мм end holder
Tube Ø25мм through holder